global conservation institute



Global Conservation Institute was established in 2003 as a 501 3C under which a number of efforts, including Houseboat Amazon and the Sandwalk Podcast are supported. GCI’s mission is to “develop creative science solutions for global challenges to wildlife and environmental conservation.“  Creative science is multi-disciplinary, innovative, inspired, and inventive. Global Conservation Institute brings together people motivated to change conservation and science approaches.

Our three main foci are research, global health, and eco-fluency. The three main vehicles through which these are currently carried out are via Dr. Jeanne Fair’s (GCI president and co-founder) work on emerging infectious diseases (EIDs), Dr. Laura Marsh’s (GCI Director and co-founder) Houseboat Amazon project, Dr. Stephanie Constantine’s production of Sandwalk Podcast, and a variety of research/publications by students operating under GCI’s 501C umbrella. 

While identified as three discrete areas for various reasons (e.g., funding opportunities, branding), there is considerable overlap among the three areas and actions/products falling under them. Specifically, while a key focus of Houseboat Amazon is eco-fluency, in particular of the public, business and political leaders as well as students, there have been and will continue to be research publications deriving from the many findings of the Houseboat Amazon team.  

Currently, a key function has been as a means of applying for and receiving grants in support of GCI projects.

Alouatta pigra , the Central American Black Howler monkey, in Belize.

Alouatta pigra, the Central American Black Howler monkey, in Belize.